About Our Innovative Fishing Lure Company

Based in the heart of Midwest fishing country, we are a team of professional and recreational anglers who design, manufacture, and sell innovative fishing lures. After losing too many fish with big-name products, we decided to combine our 30 years of fishing experience to accomplish a single mission: to help our fellow anglers catch more fish.

The advantages of our fishing lure company are:

  • Anglers of all skill levels can effectively leverage our innovative product components
  • We have the dedication and manpower to respond quickly to customer needs
  • Customer feedback helps us determine which lures to design next
  • Our product and service guarantees promise a full refund if you’re not satisfied

Our artisan product lines include Slop Frog, Mendota Rig, and BackFlip Weedless Weights featuring a range of custom weedless lures designed by Wisconsin-based tournament angler, Jim Torgerson. We also carry Custom Cast, a line of artisan jigs designed to outperform their competition.

Founders of the ‘Artisan Fishing” product platform, we are a network of like-minded lure manufacturers who make innovative fishing lures that can help you catch more fish.

Are you ready to catch more fish? Shop our innovative lures online or contact us for expert fishing advice today.