Custom Cast Lures

All Purpose Jigs
The All-Purpose Jig is the culmination of countless hours of research and testing. Every detail including head design, weedguard angle, line of pull, and hook size was intensely scrutinized. We hope you will agree, the “All-Purpose” is the finest jig on the market.

Little D Jigs
There are times when bass don’t want that big, bulky jig and chunk. The Little D was designed to cover that situation. We trim the skirt back to 1/4” or less below the bottom of the 3/0 Ultra-Point Mustad hook to give it that smaller silhouette, thus triggering those finicky bass into biting.

"The Closer" Shakey Head Jigs
“The Closer” is the most innovative shakey head on the market. It incorporates a custom made hook and steel coil keeper with the perfect line-of pull. This adds up to optimum hook-ups. That is why when the money is on the line you should... "send in The Closer".

"The Plow" Football Head Jigs
Whether you are probing deep ledges or dragging pea-gravel banks, The Plow football head jig is the perfect tool for the job. Armed with a pro-bend style Mustad hook, The Plow is one tool in your arsenal that will, day in and day out, outperform other jigs on the market.

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