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Original Slop Frog

Original Slop Frog
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Still Jim’s favorite top water lure. At .7 ounces of Solid Frog, the Original is heavier than most of the hollow competitors. Unique body type and hook placement designed to catch more fish. Weed guard allows you to cast into thick weeds, bulrushes and lily pads without getting snagged. Interchangeable tails allow for customization and add to life of bait. Solid design will never fill up with water.

  • Weedless: Stop getting snagged on vegetation
  • Solid body design: It won't fill with water and sink
  • Heavier weight: Cast farther, into the heaviest slop
  • Looks and acts like "Natural prey"
  • Interchangeable tails: quickly change the presentation
  • Strong body, yet soft for better hook sets
Weight 0.75oz

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